When in Paradise

When in Paradise

Parasise Ever After, Book One

Maybe Liv picked a bad time to swear off all men.

She did it. Escaped to a gorgeous beach town, alone with her camera gear, in search of the perfect man-free escape. It's her very own photographer's paradise, and a chance to recover from the mess she’s made of her life.

Then Mr. Tall, Dark, and Grumpy strolls into her best friend's beach condo like he owns the place. Exactly the type she's done with for good.

After everything she went through with her arrogant, cheating ex, she's staying far, far away.

Unless… what if a rebound fling is just what her wounded heart needs?

Matt doesn't appreciate the set up.

After his crazy divorce, he gave up his coveted job as head chef and moved to Puerto Vallarta to help out his aging grandpa. The distance and solitude he has now is perfect for starting over.

But his friends won't back off. They trick him into meeting a sexy tourist, one who reminds him a little too much of his ex. Beautiful, charming, and with his luck, certifiable.

Except… she's only in town for a few short weeks. And all she wants is tonight. Is there really any risk in that?

So maybe just one night. Or two. Three tops.

When in Paradise is a steamy fling-to-forever romance. It’s a full-length standalone in the Paradise Ever After series, which can be read in any order.

Flirting With Paradise

Flirting With Paradise

Parasise Ever After, Book Two

She's not falling for a man like him...

...because she knows the type.

Tattooed, wealthy, cocky AF. Why are the bad boys so hard to resist?

Katie's wedding planning business is thriving, and she has her sights set on the lucrative international market. So when Exotic Bride magazine agrees to cover a high-end wedding she has planned in Puerto Vallarta, she's beyond excited.

Then the magazine changes the date. To the worst day possible.

Now her best friend's low-budget wedding is the feature. And Mr. Cocky himself—with his scruffy beard and that flirty smile—is the best man.

Can she turn a dive-bar ceremony into a swoon-worthy event that will wow the editors and their readers? All while keeping the groom's bossy best man out of her way?

Lucas can easily fix this.

He's been in the restaurant business for years and has the connections and the funds to make his cousin's wedding perfect.

So why does this crazy wedding planner keep rejecting his help? She dubbed him Bigfoot the moment they met and has ignored him ever since.

No matter. He'll find a way to make it happen, even if that means playing nice with a sassy handful like Katie.

What he doesn't expect...

...is to fall for her.

How hard can it be to keep his thoughts–and his hands–to himself for a few short weeks?

Flirting with Paradise is a steamy enemies-to-lovers romance. It's a full-length standalone in the Paradise Ever After series, which can be read in any order.

Secrets in Paradise

Secrets In Paradise

Paradise Ever After, Book Three

Friend-zoned by a man who doesn't remember getting naked with her...

...or meeting her at all, for that matter. These things only ever happen to Jana.

When she first moved to Puerto Vallarta to work with a local dog rescue, she was mentally prepared for the challenges of being an expat in a foreign country. But when she ran into the sexy Brit she lost her virginity to and he looked at her with a blank stare?

Nothing could have prepared her for that. Or for the way he still makes her swoon, years later.

Now that her job is ending and she doesn't want to move back home, he's made it his mission to help her stay. Does that mean he finally wants... more?

Happily ever after is not an option...

...not for Nate. After what he did, he doesn't deserve it.

Instead, he lives on the go, always jetting off to the next business opportunity in a new locale. So why can't he bring himself to leave Puerto Vallarta now that his work here is done?

Nothing to do with a particular brunette or the way she makes him long for a life he'll never have. Because she's simply a friend.

Still, there's no reason he can't help her achieve her dreams before he moves on. But how will he stay focused with her standing so bloody close every day?

Secrets in Paradise is a steamy friends-to-lovers romance. It's a full-length standalone in the Paradise Ever After series, which can be read in any order.

One Perfect Night

One Perfect Night

Parasise Ever After, Bonus Prequel

Jana never planned to be a virgin at twenty-three...

...but she has a plan to change that tonight.


Unless, for example, she happens to meet some gorgeous man at the bar, and his sexy British accent renders her completely, embarrassingly speechless. Which, obviously, would lead to her acting like an idiot and leaving the bar alone. Again.

But the weird part? He seems to like her despite the fact that she can't form a coherent sentence. And really, who needs words anyway? Words are not why she's here.

Maybe, just maybe, she can actually pull this off.

One Perfect Night is a short, steamy prequel to Secrets in Paradise, book three in the Paradise Ever After series.